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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Symbols in Illustrator

Symbols are a great if you want to get ahead of the ball while mapping in Illustrator. They are a quick way to put a lot of information on a map fast. But you need to take the time to construct them or install them from 3rd party symbol libraries. One great library comes from the folks over at MapDiva and there Mac platform cartographic software, Ortelius. They have a really slick package that allows users to create symbol libraries and share them with the world via the web. One the coolest symbol sets consists of over a hundred classic mountain stamps for use on historic maps. Unfortunately, they’re only made for use in Ortelius. However, though the creative commons license and some NACIS networking, the converted symbol set for Illustrator can be found here. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting the docs! They've worked great to reference back to. Are you going to post your videos in a downloadable format?

  2. I followed your "here" link to download the converted symbol set for Illustrator but either didn't see it or couldn't figure out which download was the right one. Can you tell which I should download? Thanks. Ed in Florida

    1. Just click on here, then look under Illustrator Symbols, MasterMt_Symbols.ai, then Download. Open them in Illustrator and your off!

  3. Thanks. That worked. Ed in Florida